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Find the Right Candidate for your Golf Leadership Role

Full or Partial Executive Searches starting at $6,500

Overview of Executive Golf Industry Recruiting Services with Fresh Golf Solutions

Conducting a full hiring process to find your next departmental leader takes a considerable amount of time and energy. Many General Managers already have enough on their plate. Even with knowledgeable club owners and board members, who may be strong leaders in their own professions, you still require expertise from those who are professionals in running a golf facility. We have extensive experience hiring leaders in every department. We provide you with expert advice and affordable solutions to find your ideal candidate, and avoid the costs and disappointment of a bad hire.


Use your Resources Wisely - Full and Partial Recruiting Services

We’re proud to serve facilities and organizations that want expert golf industry recruiting advice, but who may not have the budget to undertake a full recruitment process. We offer unique a la cart options to allow facilities to choose how involved they wish to be. Doing it on your own can be time consuming and challenging - especially if the hire is not from your background or area of expertise. You may know what you want in your next leader, but you’re not sure how to find the best candidates. We would be pleased to help you find the right fit.

Who We Serve


We currently focus on executive and leadership search for the golf industry in Canada, and we’re open to working with clubs & organizations in the United States. Our team is based in various locations throughout Canada.

What does the Scope of Search using Fresh Golf look like?

Groundwork for Success 
Meet the Stakeholders – our first priority is to meet with the key players of the hiring committee.  During those meetings we will gather important operational information and any documentation that will assist in the role.  We will get to know more about your operations, salary range & benefits for the role.  We will search the must haves for a successful hire.  We then begin the early steps of making our Fresh Golf Scorecard Matrix.  

Promotion of the role
Posting is an important step of the process.  Our postings will have a text version, and also create a condensed version for a dedicated webpage for the role.  On that page , we will also include a video promoting the role with links to apply electronically.  Once this is done, we then promote with our direct email lists, linkedin and other social media opportunities. We will also discuss 3rd party options such as other golf associations to promote to a larger group.

Collection and review of Candidates
Fresh Golf will immediately start collecting a list of candidates for the Search Committee to review.  Some will come from our promotion of the role and online application form.  In addition, we will also use our coast-to-coast networking to help source qualified candidates.  We believe this is our competitive advantage as our team is well connected in the current golf industry.  We will meet with any candidates we believe have the qualifications to perform the role.  Again, we view this as a benefit to you, because we will take the time to meet with more candidates and make sure we are not missing out on any diamonds in the rough.  
We develop our Fresh Golf Scorecard and once we meet with the candidates, we grade them based on the skill sets you have prioritized for the role. 

  Why use our Customized FG Scorecard? – While there may be 10-12 criteria that you feel are important, not all of them have the same value of importance.  We try to create an analytical approach to finding the skill sets that will best help your property.

Committee Review
Once we have met with the candidates and ranked them using the scorecard, we then call a meeting with the selection committee.  While we provide you a list of candidates, you choose the candidates that you will want to proceed with and the total number of candidates that you have the time capacity to meet with.  

Candidate Interviews 
With the use of zoom, we can meet virtually and even record sessions if all of the selection committee is not available.  We will work with the committee to have interview questions for this process.  We will often ask for a written questionnaire or sample of past documents for additional materials of candidate consideration. 

Once complete, we provide our revised FG Scorecard grading and then meet with the Search Committee to narrow down the final candidates and move on to complete the interview portion.  Fresh Golf will be with the Selection Committee throughout this process. 

Final Steps
While we will do everything we can to make certain candidates are prepared for acceptance if offered the role, there is always some final negotiations to occur to have the successful candidate to sign a contract.  We work with the facility and the candidate to get to that point including assisting on the actual contract offered.

Why Choose Fresh Golf?

Network of Golf Industry Professionals
We are a golf industry-specific company focusing on providing solutions for those in the industry.


Large Database
We are adding golf industry professionals to our lists daily. We focus on providing information that is centered around those working and learning to grow in the golf industry.

Full & Partial Recruitment Services
We offer a variety of partial and full recruitment services. Unlike other executive search firms, we provide our services in an a la cart format to meet all your needs. We can help you find a General Manager or Department Head to suit to your budget.  We make it simple and affordable to help you find your next Head Professional, Director of Instruction, Superintendent, Executive Chef, Director of Marketing, Membership Sales, Controller, and more!

Industry Professionals at our Fingertips
As our company has grown, we are now confident that we offer the deepest network of industry professionals to find any role in the Canadian golf industry. We also offer a membership program that helps to develop industry candidates for the long-term. We coach our members throughout their careers to help them gain more experience to be better prepared for future roles. Click here to learn about membership.

How long is the search process?

While every search is unique, the full search process can take over 100 hours for a full executive search.  A sample timetable is:

Week 1         Request any additional documentation of the property and collect information from the key stakeholders.
Days 1- 7     Create webpage, final posting & short video. Post as a dedicated email to Fresh Golf connections, LinkedIn & other social media.
Days 7-21      Obtain candidates & immediately start screening Interviews. 
Day 21-24      Review findings with your selection committee and start formal interviews. 
Days 25-35     Complete 2nd round interviews.  
Days 35-40     Final interviews 
Days 40-50    Selection & negotiations complete

Some of these steps can be delivered sooner if the hire is required immediately


Interested in streamlining your search? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. 


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