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Have you ever wanted to establish a golf apparel brand but don't know where to begin?

Take this already-established company and expand it to fit your vision.


Lovo Golf arose from a desire to see two things: to see a new generation represented in the game of golf and to see the lives of the less fortunate people throughout the world change. Lovo sells high-quality, modern golf polo shirts and donates a portion of every purchase to charity: water, which provides clean drinking water to those in severe need. It's a new day; they represent a new generation; join the movement.

Upon receiving expressions of interest, potential buyers will be provided with access to a detailed business profile.

To find a new passionate owner of a well-known golf clothing business owner, Fresh Golf is assisting the promotion of the sale of Lovo Golf.

Who is Lovo Golf:  launched in the summer of 2021, and found quick success as a Canadian company. With its apparel line throughout most of Canada as well as some sales in the United States, Lovo Golf is living its vision to represent a new generation of golfers through high-quality and stylish golf apparel while changing lives at the same time. 

We sell to businesses, such as pro shops, and our online audience through our Shopify store. We have everything setup to sell online through our website, business account, label printer, and packaging. 

They have loved creating and building Lovo Golf and we wholeheartedly believe in the vision, product, and in the right hands we truly believe this company has immense potential.


As part of its business model, 10% of the profits from each piece of apparel sold is donated to help provide fresh drinking water to those in desperate need.


Not only do you look good on the course, but you also feel good knowing you are helping to change lives around the world at the same time!  Their slogan, ‘Look good, feel good, change lives’ sums up the vision of the business.

Who Should consider Lovo: If you are an entrepreneur with a passion to grow the game of golf and change lives at the same time then this is the business for you! You can run Lovo Golf from the convenience of your own home and create amazing connections with courses around the world! 

What will you be purchasing


  • Approximately $10,000+ worth of inventory.

  • New products that are in pre-production. These are new polos, long sleeve quarter zips and golf pants.

  • Assets such as printers,  label printers,  shipping boxes, shipping bags, etc.

  • Shopify website 

  • A strong client list of returning customers

Does this align with your vision and motivate you to start?

Submit a request for more information and we will get back to you. 

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