Merchandising, Lockers & Fixtures

Colours and styles may change, but no matter what the current trends dictate, efficiency will always remain the most important feature of a Golf Shop or Locker Room. The ability to create unique while effective fixtures comes with years of experience. The Fresh Golf Team knows what works, whether you are starting from scratch or trying to match existing pieces.

Fresh Golf has taken the time to analyze the design and effectiveness of each fixture. With years of dealing with substandard equipment and layouts, we have been able to fine-tune the features necessary for a productive business. Our designs are made to optimize retail success and streamline the overall experience for your customers, members and guests.

We can design, remodel or build custom pieces of fixtures and lockers. Whether it is just one piece or redesigning your entire pro shop and locker room, Book a Consultation with our team to discuss how we can enhance your property while keeping your bottom line in check.

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